by Sirenne

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released November 30, 2015

Production, editing, and mastering by DJ Eleven at the Eleven Basement.



all rights reserved


Sirenne Albany, New York

Sirenne performs darkwave, ambient, EBM, and world music with classically influenced vocals. She has played shows all over the northeast region of the United States, and last year played several in support of her last release, "And Eternity." Her next album, "Devils," is currently in production. ... more

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Track Name: Devils - the Wastelands
I wandered over the wasteland
past the drawers that took my soul
I swallowed the sky, the earth, the rain
but I was not whole

Devils wander feasting the crows
on the wings of angels that fall
I am no longer a home
for anyone who calls

Go slow past the wastelands
she said
The one you seek will be there
trust him not she said
he's a devil, he'll lay you bare
Track Name: Body Politic
The body politic is rising
spilling tides of anger over the
walls of greedy men who quiver in
fear at our approach

We are longing
for a newer world
we are longing
for an end to blood
we are longing for the devils that plague us
to be driven forth

The body politic is shouting
for long past due redress and justice
the secret fire burns inside us all
who call out for retribution

we are longing
for a newer vision
we are longing for
an end to war
we are longing for
an end to our rage
Track Name: Dark Lady Lilith
Dark lady Lilith
Bearer of wisdom
your dark heart once knew light
but light brings with it blindness
and darkness does the same
but in the dark we find our safety
cleaving to the night

Dark lady Lilith
your tale has been scarred
by the hearts of ill-willed men
your name has been stolen
your heart has been broken
your eyes have been shadowed
by the lies of David

Dark Lady Lilith
I honor your name
For the blood that you've shed
For the pain you have borne
Dark Lady Lilith
Carry me to your dim haven
As sisters we are
Track Name: This Too Shall Pass
This too shall pass
like winter's falling snow
like daydreams in the footsteps of Orpheus' grief
All shall pass
in the waterfall of time
painting all with the ashes and memories of the past

All shall pass
light and dark shall meet only to fall
eternity shall wither
but so to shall all sorry
this too shall pass
this too shall pass

We two, we too shall pass
all pain and memory shall soon fade away
but not forgotten by them beyond the backbone of the sky
we shall pass into her arms
we shall pass into his embrace
be healed of all wounds that the devils of life have wrought
this too shall pass